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The period of Early Childhood represents the most significant and demanding stage in the developmental continuum of an individual. The first 0 to 6 years of a child’s life are globally acknowledged to be the most critical years with the pace of development being extremely rapid. SYOHW has been actively operational in implementing programmes for CCE. SYOHW collaborated with the CBOs towards restoring the centers. This included the pre-school education component. Through setting up of a team of local resource persons - Our workers, supervisors and the Child Development Project Officers (CDPOs) across the area and building their capacity for regular onsite support, SYOHW has ensured that technical inputs in CCE are provided locally.

The key strategies of the project will include development of locally relevant child centred curriculum, training of parents and teachers and mobilizing communities and stakeholders.

SYOHW views education programmes, marginalised children as a critical component of the fight against poverty. Power Within aims to enable thousands girls around the Province to complete their primary education and develop leadership skills that will empower them to work with their families, communities and countries to overcome poverty. In Sindh, Power Within has enormous potential to influence government at all levels, reach large numbers of girls, and address gaps in SYOHW’s development efforts, while building on and expanding the scope of our many accomplishments.

Power Within focuses primarily on reaching girls ages 10-14 not only because girls generally complete primary school during this period, but also because these are the ages at which they are mostly likely to drop out. This age range is a critical transition time between childhood and adulthood; with the onset of puberty, many girls are expected to marry and assume the heavy responsibilities of adult women. Power Within is grounded in SYOHW’s commitment to empowering women as a means to achieve sustainable reductions in poverty.

SYOHW focuses on creating agency for girls, which refers to the aspirations, resources, actions and achievements of individuals themselves. SYOHW helps these girls to stand up to the dynamics of the broader social structures that condition girls’ and women’s choices. These include the institutions that establish the ‘norms’ about who holds power over whom or what, such as kinship, economic markets, religion, educational systems, political culture, and ownership/control over resources. It also works with girls and women to negotiate their needs and rights with others, including men. Development of leadership skills amongst marginalized girls is a cross cutting theme, and SYOHW’s programme activities for leadership development is a part of strategies for quality education and community mobilization. The three pathways of leadership diverse skill development, social networks and civic action are being weaved together to give girls a complete experience and opportunity for self development and growth.




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