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Right to Education is the primary right of every citizen of Pakistan, whether a child resides in a high profile society or in a far away not so developed secluded village. Schools in rural areas are promoted to raise the level of education and literacy in rural Pakistan. The main aim of running these types of schools in Pakistan is to increase the rates of literacy in rural areas. More than 65 percent of Pakistan’s population is illiterate and cannot read or write. And schools in rural areas are inadequate and often equivalent to being non-existent. Thus, government’s initiative to set up schools in rural areas came into picture. According to Just our Schools the conditions of rural education in Pakistan, is improving steadily and the government is also providing full support and providing with many initiatives. The fee structure in these schools is also very low so that every child can study and afford it.

Though there are very few schools in rural areas, children and their parents are showing interest and availing school facilities in these remote locations. Children have to walk miles to reach their school. It is fact that Pakistan's rural areas have been left behind in the wake of high growth in big cities of Pakistan. One cause of rural poverty is the inability for children in rural areas to obtain basic education. Pakistan aspires for Universal Compulsory Primary Education, with its challenges of keeping poor children in school and maintaining quality of education in rural areas, has been difficult to achieve. While schools do exist in rural Pakistan, many children are not able to attend because they are needed instead to earn money for their families by working in factories or fields. Without a foundation of basic education, these children are trapped in a life of hard labor and barely sustainable wages.

One of primary missions of ‘SYOHW’s is educating the thousands of village children who grow up illiterate. Measures will be taken to ensure direct donations to programs that assist in promoting rural education and literacy. You can tell us how you would like your money to be utilized (libraries, scholarships, educational materials, science kits & equipment, playgrounds, etc.) and we will make sure it is directed for that specific purpose.



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