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It is with immense pleasure that I write this report as the President of Sindh Youth Organization for Human Welfare, a role that I am very honoured to carry out. The undertaking of this report highlights the organisation's commitment to its stakeholders and transparency. It is also an opportunity for SYOHW to inform people about its achievements and future plans.

SYOHW has achieved outstanding results in its short three years life span. It gained registration and has been able to serve suffering humanity on a broader platform.

The main aim of the organisation is to serve the poor’s in the country, to provide them with treatment and where this is not possible, rehabilitation. The aim is to encourage them to be independent and full members of society, The organisation is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive programme of rural development, a model in one district, which will address their needs and hopefully be replicated in other parts of the country

The main concern of our members who are distinguished for their voluntary offer is to carry with the most resounding way through actions and campaigns the message and the need of the awareness of young people in a series of matters which focus on human and the environment. In our beautiful journey which had until now some beautiful destinations, we managed with the help of our members, we visited places that accommodate children, young people, elder or poor people. Our goal was to offer them a smile of joy and optimism, organize cultural events, discounting culture in a value of life.

Our message is one “Come and join hands”, “Come and join our hearts” Everything that divide us does not exist everything that unite us is enough to change the world.

I am also grateful to the various regulatory bodies such as government and non-government organizations and local and international donors for their support, which has contributed to the success of the organisation.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Executive Committee, the management team and staffs who contributed greatly to the continuous growth and success of SYOHW.

I sincerely pray to the Almighty Allah to grace us with His blessings in our continued efforts in achieving success in the future.

Engr: Imran Khan Bughio

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